Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our weekend away....

Meet Ian and Rock:
Ian is 6"2 and is standing on level ground with Rock who is HUGE! Rock is a Percheron. I have never seen a horse so big and I fell in love instantly. Seriously. (with the horse, not Ian- he kinda had a cancer mouth- but he was so nice...)
I am definitely in love with this man. We had an incredible weekend. Sun Valley is beautiful but we could have been staying in Jerome, ID and still had a blast.
Our ride was four hours long and went up these beautiful mountains. To say it was breathtaking is not putting it lightly.
I just thought this picture was hilarious and only took it for the kids to see. Really, it's true.

This is the "Face Tree". Can you see it?

More beautiful scenery.
Isn't he a natural?
Going down was the hardest. We were a little sore and it was a lot of work. But it was so worth it.

I know it's a bit of weird picture but I wanted a close up of me on the horse. Oh and I forgot to mention that I was riding Brad Pitt. Kind of strange. I would've rather his name have been Hank but whatever.

I cannot even explain how awesome a weekend it was. I have found my calling in life and that is to have a horse. I told Trevor I would sacrifice a lot just to have one.
So one day....


Brent said...

Those big horses like Rock are draft horses and incredibly strong. They were the type of horses the the knights rode. Hsd to be strong to carry all that armor. Glad you had a good time

Chris and Jenna said...

What a fun little trip! Ironically in the 3 years that we've lived here surrounded by people with horses, we have yet to ride any. After seeing your pictures we might have to do something about that!