Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My first polyvore outfit

My first polyvore outfit
My first polyvore outfit by sarahwanh featuring nine west bags

A new blog I found thanks to one of the wonderful blogs I frequently read. This is the BEST site!! You can create your own outfits and then buy each piece, which I haven't yet done, but I plan to~ so much fun!
While I would probably never have an occasion to  wear the above outfit~ I was just experimenting with the site when I created it~ I'll be doing outfits I will wear and posting it here for you all to see. Cause you care, right?
I know, I know, you couldn't care less but it's fun, know what I mean?
 I don't think anything is wrong with the outfit I created, it's totally cute, just a little too rocker chic for me. I think if would look GREAT on Jenna, though. Just an FYI for you Jenna! 

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Chris and Jenna said...

I am totally digging that black tulle skirt. I just may have another request for Christmas! You can put outfits together for me anytime. I love it!