Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A photo of the last thing I purchased

On Saturday we bought shoes.
Lots of shoes.
8 pairs of shoes.
Snow boots and tennies.
I love shoes.
Especially my boots. They're going on 6 years old. And still in perfect (for me) condition!
Here are some of the purchased shoes as they are right at this very second.
You can see who likes them organized (me).

So as to not be a liar, I have to add that I have bought some groceries since then: tortillas, salsa, cheese, milk, orange juice, some hair product, etc.... But I thought a picture of those would be boring.
Instead you get a very exciting and lively picture of shoes.

Can I also add that tonight is the season premier of Psych??? Chilis Chips and Salsa and Guac are purchased (hey....that would have been a good picture) and they are anxiously awaiting tonight when we get to eat them.


Anna Banana said...

I thought we'd have to wait for January to come before a new Psych would arrive, so I was pleasantly surprised last week when I saw it was not so. Hooray!

Quinn said...

Are you ready for all the snow you're going to get?

Brent said...

Another Psych fan. Me too.