Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A few more pictures!!

This last picture is Aunt candice pulling out Emilys tooth. She wouldnt let her own mother but of course Candice can!!!! They others are a few more from our trip. That is how Joshua looks most of the time, well besides right now cause hes got a bad case of diaper rash!! The kid poops all the time and i just cant seem to keep up with it!!. He goes to the doctor tomorrow morning so im hoping he has gained some weight. I know he definitley feels like it.
by the way, a big thank you to Stacey for lending me her book Twilight!! BEST book or books, i have read in a long, long time!! I promise i will return it to you!


Chris and Jenna said...

I just finished reading that series of books. Aren't they great? I have the other 2 if you want to borrow them.

Stacie said...

I'm so glad you loved the book. Let me know when you have read New Moon so we can talk about it and I will mail Eclipse. Didn't you love them Jenna?

Anonymous said...

cute pictures sarah! wish we could have seen you guys? when were you here in slc??