Sunday, September 16, 2007

My calling

Today I am being released from my calling as YW 2cd counselor. I'm really sad to be done with this calling. I loved it and so far it has been my favorite that I have had. I never thought i would enjoy working with ttwelve and thirteen year olds but it was wonderful. The girls had such sweet spirits. I have never seen a group of girls that got along so well. And I had an awesome assistant. Stephanie has really been a great friend and I loved spending Tuesday nights with her. So Im hoping that I get another calling again soon. I don't really like being without one. I think they make me try harder to be good!! By the way, my camera is broken right now so until it gets fixed or I get a new one, there won't be many pictures. No worries though, that will only be for a couple of weeks at the most!!!


Chris and Jenna said...

I loved working with the YW too. Hopefully you can get another fun calling soon!

Jessica said...

I was so excited to see that you updated your blog! I have been gone for few days and haven't been able to check my blog. Your kids are so cute and getting so grown-up. Time flies. You look awesome though. Keep up the updating!!