Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tabasco sauce for lying- maybe not a good idea!!!

So I gave Annabelle some Tabasco sauce for lying to me. Not a huge deal. Just a little teeny bit on her tongue. I thought it would be better than soap which can be potentially toxic. So after a fuss, I got it on her tongue. Do you know what she asked me after? "Am I going to die?" So I am now one of the worst mothers ever!!! I feel so bad. The fact that she thought I would give her something that would make her die just makes me want to curl up and die myself. She is so sweet and tender. I try to remember that she thinks just a little deeper than my other children. She is always asking questions about everything, wants to know about everything. I think that she will no longer be lying to me though!!!! The girls started gymnastics this last week and loved it!!! Anna does cartwheels everywhere. They both love it more than dance so they'll stay in it as long as they want. Stephen is feeling a little left out so he has decided to try boxing. Trevor is feeling pretty darn good. The fact that his son is so boy-ish makes him sooooo happy. I know that you grandparents probably dont like the idea of boxing- im not sure yet if I do myself- we'll see what happens!!!


Stacie said...

I know you were picturing Kase when you were talking about Stephen being so boyish! He is getting better I promise!

Chris and Jenna said...

I can't believe they even have boxing for kids that small. How funny! I hope that we get to see one of his boxing matches some time.

ourhappyforeverfamily said...

LOL! Annabelle is so cute! I need to get Elizabeth into classes with your girls.