Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another update.

Joshua trying to wake up Stephen! She has always had crazy hair... Annas gymnastics, she is in the pink that you can barely see! The girls with their friend and her puppies. I think I am going to see how many posts I can use the world "update" in the title. But that is what this is. An update. I got a new calling on Sunday as the first counselor in the Young Womens. I love serving in the YWs so I am very excited. Our ward only has about 4 or 5 active girls and only 10 girls total. Trevor is usually doing church stuff every other day of the week except Wednesday night which is mutual so it works out well. Okay, not every other day of the week but a lot! Annabelle is doing awesome in gymnastics. They just moved her up a level last week after only a month in the previous class. It is a good way for her to use up all her energy. I have said this before but she is the most active child. She never walks. Except in school so I am glad about that. She climbs all over trevor and he calls her a little monkey. Emily is doing really well in piano. She remembers everything she is taught every week except to practice. After school today was her lesson which was a little emotional since she didnt do her theory book and I had to reprimand her but it went well. Before long, I wont be able to teach her anymore. I think I am learning almost as much as her during these lessons! The boys are boys. Climbing on top of each other and wrestling is a common thing in our house. Joshua loves Stepnen and Stephen loves Daddy so I think that they all have good role models. Today I changed the front room around. I was getting tired of it the way it was. Our days are numered in this small house but we are so grateful for it. It has been a good home for the past year. Our lease is up in November but we are not sure what we will do yet. Our last house took up a lot of time and work. With Trevor starting school in January, Im not sure that we have the time for that. But we will see. I know that everythng will work out. If we have learned anything in our last 9 years of marriage, its that we can be happy no matter where we are if we are with each other. On a sad note, I sold our tv and dvd player. It had been sitting in the garage for almost 2 months, collecting dust so I decided to get rid of it. It has been really nice not having it. I feel that we are growing closer as a family and are much more inclined to do the things that we should be doing instead. A man paid 64 dollars for both. What a steal. At least now the kids wont want to cry everytime they are in the garage though! Out of sight, out of mind, right?


Amy said...

what a great update!! We are getting rid of our tv in our playroom, so now we'll only have 2 in the house.

ourhappyforeverfamily said...

Where are you moving? Alaska you say? I'll meet you at the airport. And there is a house up the street from me for rent. Perfect! LOL!

You're such a beauty and your kids are perfect. I miss you all. I can't believe how big Joshua is!!!

And we haven't bought a T.V. or DVD player here. I don't think we will. It really is nice. I read a ton more and so do the kids. And there are science projects doing their thing all over my house. LOL. I agree that it's better without it. :)