Saturday, September 20, 2008

A little update.

Its about time I give a little update on us since we are not very good at calling everyone. This is my very handsome baby- look at how his eyes match the brown stripes in his shirt! He is so fun and just plain adorable! He has a little playmate, Abby, who he loves completely but also completley loves to bother her. Abby comes to our house 2 days a week and she is so cute and sweet- a little Angel, as her mother calls her! Joshua has a lot of fun with her but she doesnt always have so much with him! Stephen decided he wanted to shave his face like Daddy so i had to get some pictures of it! He loves Trevor. Just recently he has started to want to do everything that Trevor does.He is always asking questions about him, he follows him around, and says the daddy is the best best bestest best daddy in the world. And that Stephen is daddys best best bestest best person in the world! The other night Stephen had to go to bed early for misbehaving. When he said his prayers that night he said "Please help me to never, ever, ever, never be naughty again." He woke up the next day and told Trevor "Im going to be good all day, Daddy." Later that morning, he asked Trevor if Jesus wore underwear and if we would have to pack a bag when we go to heaven. This kid keeps us on our toes, thats for sure. Here is Emily with our kids favorite person, Katherine. Actually, she is all of our favorite person along with her husband Mike and daughter Abby. Can you see how Anna is looking at her lovingly??? Poor katherine gets mobbed by three wild kids when she comes over. I love this picture of Anna banana. She makes us laugh all the time. She has finally started gymnastics and is doing really well in it. Her favorite thing to do is the balance beam. Now at home instead of constantly jumping and hopping and skipping and running and bouncing, she points her toes and twirls in between and the jumping and hopping ..... I love to watch her be so active. I told her teacher that she does not sit still at home and she was shocked. She said that Anna is so calm in class. Well we get a completley different side of her at home. Im so glad she knows when she can be active and when she can't. Please forgive the poor punctuation...... I haven't been to school for a decade and am a little rusty or just tired.


Amy said...

what a great update!! TFS.

Chelsey and Adam said...

Sarah the kids are so cute! I miss them so much...and I guess I miss you and trevor too! Give the kids a hug and kiss for me

Abby said...

OH MY WORD!!! I didn't see this picture before . . . I can't believe I am on your blog! I love my little angels . . and can't wait for them to come live with me forever!