Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephen!

Stephen is growing up....... yes, I am crying. Time is going by way too fast. It seems like yesterday that he was a little cowboy for halloween and was the one the girls liked to baby!
Stephen has been a complete joy. Not another word for it. He brings so much happiness to our family. I just could not imagine life without him..
There are lots to list that we love about Stephen but I will just list a few. I love his "natural coolness". He has this way about him that is just cool and he did not get that from either of his parents. He likes to watch himself in the car when we are driving. He puts the mirror down and when he thinks that I am not watching, he checks himself out. He props his feet up outside the car window, wearing his sunglasses and watching the cars drive by. Stephen reminds us to do the things we should be doing, like saying a prayer when something is wrong. He has an awesome smile that is a combination of grandpa barwicks front teeth and and daddys big mouth! He is all boy; loves balls and sports and anything thing that fights bad guys. He wants to skydive when he gets older (but he says he just wants to jump out of a plane). His favorite song is Chicken Fried (for now) and he loves to have the music up loud in the car.
I love Stephen. We all love Stephen.
Happy Birthday Steveo!!


Marcia Milne said...

I just found your blog through Erin's (I browse on occasion) and thought I would say HI! I have talked to your momma a few times while drugged at the hospital (she probably got info out of me that wasn't supposed to come out) LOL It looks like you are doing great!

Chris and Jenna said...

No way is Stevo 5! Hope he had a great birthday!

PeejMckTal. said...

Aww he's so dang cute! Talon is growin up too! I nearly cry everytime I look at myself in the mirror holding him. He's not at all a baby anymore! His skinny long legs are proof of that. Wish they could stay young forever! Guess that's the good thing bout havin more! I can't wait for Tres!! :) Hope he had a great day!