Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Trevor and PJ at a birthday party a few (like maybe 6) years back! Trevor looks just like "wheres waldo" to me in this picture. Im not sure if that is a compliment or not! PJ comes home this Friday from training in California. He will get to see his brand new baby son! Him and Mckenna had their little boy and named him David Paul Barwick the Third but nicknamed him Tres. He is absolutley beautiful. I have rarely seen such a perfect baby. Candice and I and the girls will be going down to St. George in a week (YAY) to see all our family and to celebrate PJs birthday and have a baby shower for Candice. This will be the last time we see PJ until he comes back from Afganistan next year. (he is only home for a couple of weeks) We can barely contain our excitement! Emily and her Daddy had a bowling party with her Achievement Days girls. They had a lot of fun. Look at Emilys little tongue sticking out. She is growing up to be such a sweet, even tempered girl. She gets more and more mature all the time. She loves to jumprope and she is so good at it! It has been so awesome to watch her do it and see her confidence get a big boost from it! There is a Primary talent show this friday that she is planning to jumprope for. I cant wait to see if she will actually do it! She has definitley been practicing for it!
Don't they look so much alike? Trevor loves to scare the girls! And they love for him to scare them! Lots and lots of screaming!
The flu bug has visited our house lately. That is how I have found the time to blog. I can't do housework while I am sick but I can definitley get on the computer!
Hope you all are doing fantastic! We love you all!


Brent said...

Thanks so much for the pictures. Someone signed me for the facebook thing but I have n idea how to use it. So all the cute pictures help alot. You have a beautiful family

♥ et said...

What a cute blog!! I love the layout, as well as the great posts. Glad all is well with my favorite Sarah!

Anonymous said...

T-Bear, you need to smile . . . you look like a grumpy old man!!! Just wait till I take your picture this Saturday!!!