Thursday, October 22, 2009

St. George and Beautful Boise...

I cannot figure out how to move pics around here so these are all out of order! Oh well. This past weekend I went down to St. George with Candice and we had an awesome time! We were able to be there for PJs baby blessing and for Candices baby shower. They both were wonderful! It was so fun to be able to hang out with my family. The girl played with their cousins all weekend long and had a blast! Here is Lexi, Emily, Annabelle and Mason before church and before their hair was done!
And I can't leave out pictures of our beautiful city, Boise. Candice and I went walking along the green belt on Tuesday. It was so nice and fall-y. Of course it took us a half hour of looking for the green belt and asking a deaf man and some foreigners directions! :) But we made it and it was so worth it! (btw the green belt is a trail that runs through the city of Boise and surrounding area follosing the river~ I could be wrong but I believe it is about 20 miles long) PJ and his way cute wife McKenna. The blessing was so great and I am so glad we got to be there for it! And McKenna is an AWESOME cook. Seriously, she made a corn dish and fresh peach cobbler and it was so so yummy! Maybe PJ will start to get some meat on his bones now!
And of course a picture of us siblings that were there that weekend! We missed you Jessica!!!! Crossing our fingers that you get to come out in January. Notice cute little Mason in the bottom corner! He is one smart little boy and so cute!
There has not been much more news from here! We are finishing our fireplace right now and once that is done, I will post pictures. Trevor is doing an amazing job on it and I can't wait to show you all. In the next couple of weeks, once the fireplace is done, he will get started on my window seat! I have always wanted one and the bay window in the front room will be the perfect spot. And it is going to be so inexpensive to build~ I priced it out at about 60 dollars. Fireplace has been about 75. And it is already making the room look so much better. That is all for now! Have I said though, how much I LOVE having Candice live here in Boise? We get out every morning to excercise and she is doing great with her pregnancy. Only 11 weeks to go! I can't wait to meet little Asa! (Shout out to Quinn! Its been great having you here also!)
We love you all and miss you a ton!
BTW- next week we celebrate our 10 year anniversary... Can you believe its been that long? Sometimes I look at Trevor and still think hes a 17 year old kid! I hope he still thinks that about me! Life has never been greater!

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