Wednesday, December 30, 2009

here are some random pics from the last week or so. some of the pictures are a little weird with the color.. I played around with my camera and found some cool stuff. we did a live nativity on Christmas Eve.... It turned out good... Well, as good as could be expected with four children.... Then the kids woke up the next morning to a note from Santa! What a treat! (sorry its sideways..) Annabelle tried a sardine and didn't like it. at all. We went and saw Christmas lights, so that's not our house. It was one of those that go along with music. Surprisingly our Christmas lights are all taken down. I always thought we would be the people who left them up until the 4th of July.... Saturday the tree and all of the decorations came down. It was sad but so nice to have everything back in its place. This was an awesome Christmas... I felt the spirit so much confirming that our Savior was indeed born and did die for us. How blessed and loved we are! ~Lots and lots and lots of love go out to all of our friends and family~

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