Monday, December 14, 2009

Trevor worked so hard on our fireplace and I think he did a great job!!! It was a lot more work
then we thought it would be but definitley worth it. We still have some trim to put back up on
the walls but at least the major work is done....
And here is our Christmas tree this year! I must say that it is much better than last year! (sorry
trevor!) Its a whole 11 and a half feet tall. The limit was 12 and when we were cutting it down, we
thought we were way under that. Not so much! It's a very simple, homey tree!
There's not much new going on around here! We are loving our stress free holiday. I have never
had an easier Christmas before~ I still have stuff to do but for once I am not worrying about it!
We wish we could see you all this Christmas season~
We love you all!

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