Monday, June 21, 2010

the circus, fathers day and CRAZY cake....

The circus was fun and made Saturday night better than it would have been to just take baths and cut fingernails....

I love Fathers Day for the simple fact that trevor gets to do nothing. I know, weird, huh?
It's never more apparent than on Fathers Day how much Trevor really does. I felt like I was cleaning up and disciplining constantly (in a good way) Just to show my appreaciation, he got his favorites... Meatball sandwiches, steamed potatoes, salad (not his fav) and

 CRAZY cake!!! The absolute BEST cake in the world. Just to make it even moister, I made it in the morning and frosted it a couple hours before we ate it.
(Leftovers today)
He totally deserved it.
I wish my own dad could have been here to share it with us.
But I thought about him a lot.
Dang, now I can't stop thinking
about that cake.......
I love you, Dad!


Minky said...

Please send me some of that cake. Thank you.

Amy Foster said...

That looks soooo yummy!