Thursday, July 15, 2010

A really good day....

Well, it was after a "stern" talking to the kids... all the fighting is making me batty.

Plus Psych is back which means Chilis chips and salsa is back which means sitting on the couch watching Psych and eating Chilis chips and salsa is back. I'm crazy with happiness. 
And it's been a really great evening.
Do you notice the table Steveo is sitting at?
We got clever. We couldn't afford a nice new Patio set so we used one of these:
It's a electical spool thingy. It was sitting on the side of the road with a free sign. Actually there were three so we took two.
I may paint it, I may not. Either way Stephen looks really cool sitting there reading and writing. Plus, there's a hole in the middle perfectly sized for an umbrella, which we may or may not one day get .
Tomorrow's the zoo and Camels Back hiking and Costco and nacho-movie night.
It'll be a very busy, fun-filled day.
We may even squeeze in a Target trip.


candice and Quinn said...

Hooray for Fridays! Love your RED fingers;)

Chelsey and Adam said...

Genius! I love the tables Sarah!!!! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks

Brent said...

Looks like a pretty good table. We used to make rabbit hutches out of the "in the old days".

Madsens said...

Love the table. You should paint it a really bright color:) Sounds like a fun day today!

Amy Foster said...

Very rescourceful, Sarah! It makes a perfect table! I love it's natural, antique-ish look!