Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stephen had a great afternoon. Actually, we all did. Especially since we got seranaded by him. And he did such a good job singing "Eye of a Liger". Did I say Liger? Why, yes I did. It's his favorite animal this week.

I am especially loving the way he wears his hat. So cool.

Plus, he got to play the Nintendo. He loves to play it but it only works half the time.

The girls and I made cupcakes this evening and this is the end result. They SO did not work out. So we just ate the top off all of them and they were delicious.


Amy Foster said...

Liger! Hahaha, that is so cute! My kids are into that song, too lately! Ever since they saw that youtube video with the mouse & that song, they've been singing it all the time... only they say Eye of the TOILET. And I won't share the rest of the lyrics they've come up with. Ahhhhh, kids.

Lisa said...

Sarah, what great pictures! I think we should get our kids together and they can start a band.