Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What to blog about....

I could blog about:
*the really lame movie we saw today (Rugrats)
*kids fighting
*Joshua and Emily both getting hit by the frisbee tonight at the park (thrown by dad)~ their mean parents laughed~ but not until after making sure they were okay. 
*my pretty red fingernails~ i love them.
*yummy greek salads that everyone but joshy loved.
*how excited I am for Bear Lake next week
*the many movies I want to see
*how trevor is so hungry he keeps pretend biting me. My very own Edward. (diets suck)

I think I will just show off my sweet children eating cupcakes.

1 comment:

Brent said...

Cute kids+good cupcakes=cute pictures. Josh looks like he ate it from the inside out.