Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Finale... kind of...

School starts tomorrow. :( 
Ah well, life must go on. Fun is good but so is having a schedule and learning new things and meeting new people. 
So it's going to be just me and Joshy during the day. 
What in the world will we do with ourselves??~ 
I have wonderful visions of a sparkly clean house with the beds made every day and never a dirty dish in the sink and laundry perfectly folded while still warm from the dryer. Maybe dinner ready before 7 o'clock p.m.
But I'm really going to miss lazy days and hiking on fridays and picnics and fighting and laughing.

We've had a really good weekend. But one of us decided to do something else.
I'll give you clue... the answer is somewhere in this picture:
I'll fill you in tomorrow on what it was. If you don't already know. :) 
(and it did not include anna banana~ but isn't that such a funny/cute picture of her?)


Jenée's Blog said...
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Jenée's Blog said...

(The comment above that was "removed" is mine... I mistyped a word.)
Okay, so my guess is is that it has something to do with Glenn Beck?? -My guess is that you all are going to start becoming political rally leaders for your community. HA!

Brent said...

I would have been surprised if he hadn't have watched it. He seems to love politics. Although this rally had very little to do with politics. Amazing to see Jews, Muslims and christians Locking arms and unified at one place and times.

Chris and Jenna said...

If you miss having kids at home all day, I would be more than happy to ship a couple of mine out to you! :)