Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Washington D.C.

Glenn Beck Rally:
Trevor said there were more people than you can possibly imagine. 
He said people were packed in like sardines.
Washington D.C Temple. He was able to go Saturday evening. 
Washington Memorial. It's two colors. During the civil war, they ran out of money to complete it and so had to do it later. Hence, the different color halfway up. (You can kind of see it from this picture)

Looking down at the Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Memorial:
World War Two Memorial. 

This ones for you, P.J.:

Looking at the Lincoln Memorial:

Someones meditating and it's not Trevor:
(he may also be trying to channel Abe's spirit. Who wouldn't)
Isn't this amazing? Trevor said it's like 19 feet tall, I think. 
It reminds me of Planet of the Apes.
Actual hat that Lincoln was wearing when assassinated:

Trevor thought this was funny but I still don't get it. 
(Don't tell him I said that)
Steel beams from the Twin Towers:

Arlington Cemetery:

A very small glimpse of the actual cemetery:
Soldier keeping guard:

The next 5 pictures are memorials that I am glad he took pictures of:

This was such a great opportunity for Trevor. Life changing...
He loved the Rally and could feel the truth of everything that was said. It was so worth sacrificing him for the weekend. He deserved this, no doubt about it.


Madsens said...

What an awesome experience for Trevor. I'm sure it will be memorable.

Brent said...

I am almost jealous. Would like to have been there but have trouble with crowds.

Chris and Jenna said...

Wow! That is so awesome that he got to go! I actually got the chills just looking at some of these pictures. And getting to listen to Glenn Beck? Icing on the cake. I'm starting my "Trip to D.C." fund today.

candice and Quinn said...

Amazing ......excited to hear more. Good for you Trevor.