Monday, August 23, 2010

Stephen was scared again tonight but after a few "home" remedies (ie: trevor reading scriptures through his armpit and a prayer, etc) he was all better.
I'm glad to hear that it runs in the family. Although it just may come from his mother also. I remember as a little girl I was always afraid I was going to die in my sleep (sad, huh?). My dad made me feel better by describing a very fun heaven to me. It was all "Jetson"-like and futuristic. I love that memory of my dad.
These photos were taken while Trevor mowed the lawn (no kidding) Buuuuut Stephen walked beside him the whole time.

Stephens going to have a lot of good memories like that about his dad too.


Chris and Jenna said...

That's so sweet. Max is the exact same way with his Daddy. Whenever he's home, he follows him around everywhere.
I'd like to see what reading scriptures out of your armpit is like! That would help anyone feel better I'm sure!

Brent said...

It looks like Trevor is mowing the South 40 Enough grass to feed a least one calf.

candice and Quinn said...

Oh that strephen is so stinking cute.I remember thoes nights Sarah and the jetsons story. Love dad.