Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ice blocking

Asa didn't actually ice block...
But it's obvious that Trevor did and took a few tumbles too. 
Only one raspberry and a bloody elbow.
Typical Annabelle~ love it!
I was a bit of a pooper tonight. I wore the wrong shoes and was feeling a little (maybe a lot) nervous. 
It's always so much fun hanging out with these peeps:

Thank you, Lisa, for introducing us to world of "Boise" ice blocking, where it's perfectly legal and fun~

Beautiful sky, a huge American flag flapping in the wind, and a big block of melting ice; Who could ask for more?


Madsens said...

I remember sneaking with friends late at night to ice block in SG. You guys are hilarious! Looks like fun! Miss you all so stinkin much!

Brent said...

That's the first time I ever heard of ice blocking. Seems like we always waited for snow and froze.

Amy Foster said...

How fun!!! We did that with a bunch of moms in our neighborhood and all of our kids (illegally here in SG-- hehe) a few months back & we had an absolute BLAST! We discovered that it worked out best if we brought towels to sit on to keep our bums dry(ish). I loved it!