Monday, February 7, 2011

Germany Berlin Mission

Annabelle's turn! She did a great job.
Dinner was Brats with Sauerkraut, and potato cakes (our new favorite way to eat potatoes!). 
And for dessert we had Bravarian Cream with chocolate drizzled on top.
She gave a great lesson on Latter Day Prophets and we learned a lot.
We love you Anna! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job!


Jenée's Blog said...

Ganz tolle Leistung, Annabelle! -Es hoert sich an als ob Deine Familie einen guten Abend hatte.

Candice and Quinn said...

Way to go anna! We love you!

Chris and Jenna said...

Anna you are awesome! What a great family home evening. Can't wait to hear from the boys' missions! :)

Brent said... it sounds like you did a great job