Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It will come....

Valentines is my new favorite holiday. 
We had such a good day. 
So good in fact, that we didn't take any pictures. 
But we ate dinner by candlelight, had a FHE filled with hearts and
 a lesson on love and some strawberry shortcake for dessert. 
We gave the kids Mad Libs, which I knew they would love and of course, they do.
 And Trevor and I stayed up waiting for Anna to fall asleep so we could celebrate. 
We ended up falling asleep ourselves for a short little nap. 
And she eventually fell asleep which she thought would NEVER happen. 

And today has been such a beautiful day!!!!!!!
We had the windows open this morning while I was cleaning
and we went to the park where we played and ran around and swinged on the swings. 
(thats how Joshua says it and I don't know the proper way; swang, swung??)

And although we have a couple of days of snow ahead of us
I know that spring will come eventually.
I can't wait.


Jenée's Blog said...

I have loved reading all the Valentine's Day posts!

It was a beautiful day indeed!! -The children wanted to play outside, and I startled to bundle them up, only to realize it wasn't really necessary.
Spring will come, Sarah, and it will be glorious...

Chris and Jenna said...

We had a preview of spring here today too and we couldn't let the day go by without a trip to the park! I'm with ya...I can't wait for it to be here either!

James and Jeni said...

I love this. It was SO nice out. I went for a run and I didn't even have to wear long pants or a sweatshirt!! Hello, spring. Stay a while. :)

Brent said...

What a beautiful day.