Monday, February 28, 2011

Our weekend was insane...

Insanely good.
1. We went on a date. 4 whole hours of just me and Trevor. We went out to eat, went to see Unknown, (which was so good), talked, and did all the things that make a date awesome. 
2. The boys had a Star Wars festival and the girls went shopping. 
3. I went to see Julie Beck with Jenee on Saturday morning. It was so worth waking up early and driving to Rexburg to see her. 
4. I got a nap on Sunday which was great cause church was a little crazy. 
 5. The kids got to pull all the couch cushions off and jump around and have fun. Except Emily. I think she feels to old for that so she just gets on the computer and plays games.
6. Trevor and I spent a good hour laying like the parents on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and playing truth or dare with the kids.
Stephen and Josh both took a spoonful of vinegar, Anna sang everyone a song, Emily walked on her knees from the front room to the kitchen and we found out some really useful information about our kids.
It's their new favorite game.

An insanely GOOD weekend.....

How about a little update on the kids, hmmm?

Joshua told me last week as we were going to pick the kids up from school
"When Stephen gets home, I'm going to throw him over my head. Don't get mad at me, 'k mom?"
He loves Batman, dressing as any superhero, legos, and wrestling/fighting. We're just glad that when he starts fighting with Trevor, he no longer yells "NEVEERRR!"

Stephen is just starting to understand what a registered trademark means. Last week he was talking to Trevor about it and Trevor told him as an example you couldn't make candy and call it "Lemonheads" since someone already did.
Stephens reply was "But I could draw a picture of a lemon, a picture of a head, an equal sign and smiley face. Lemon plus head equals yummy."
Stephen loves to read, dance (although he wouldn't readily admit it), play with his sisters, ride his rip-stick when it's warm, and he hates to take out the trash (but I still make him do it)

Annabelle is still taking forever to eat her food. She love clothes and they can either make her ornery, when she can't find anything to wear, or giddy cause she loves what she's wearing. . She is always the first one up in the morning, taking a shower and getting dressed.  She is always surprising us with the funny things she says.
Like last  night when she mentioned how adorable she is.

Emily is more like me than I expected. She loves to sleep in and is a little ornery in the morning (maybe a lot on some days). She absolutely can't wait to get a cow that we can milk!?! I'm hoping she's planning on waking up early to do it. She's going to be 10 this year and is still one of the smallest kids in her class. She doesn't mind being short. Shes got a lot of family that makes being short look awesome! (I'm talking to you Dad, Candice, and Jessica!)

Oh, you want an update on me and Trevor?

Lets see...we never get enough time together (especially since his hours at work are usually 6:30 to 6:00), we generally stay up too late at night and sleep in too late in the morning. It seems like lately, we like to be home more than usual. It's probably the cold weather. But it's good. And we watch Conan every night that he's on.

And I personally am so excited that tomorrow is March 1st!!!
Spring is on it's way...... Hallelujah!

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Candice and Quinn said...

Sarah I absolutely love that picture of you and trevor! I cannot wait for spring either but you already know that right?? I'm dying for it!! Miss and love each one of you Haslems!