Sunday, May 15, 2011

A birthday in pictures...

Try to guess who's:

Birthday spankins` by mom
 Like father like son.
 My cake went kapooey so we had cinnamon and sugar burritos with ice cream as the middle. 
It was actually pretty good.

 Birthday guests:
Flattering picture of Scott, right? 
And a really cute one of Jenee:
 Did you guess who's birthday it was?
Here he is 6 years ago:
and with me 6 years ago:
 And here is our boy now. 

What an amazing kid he is. 
I love him. Like a lot. 
Happy Birthday Steve-o!


Jenée's Blog said...

Thanks for letting us come over to help celebrate your birthday!

{I love so many pictures in this post... Stephen with kisses all over him, his toddler snapshots... and of course my retarded husband. LoL ...Mine made me laugh too because what you don't know is my mouth was full of ice cream when I was told to "smile".}

Chris and Jenna said...

Happy Happy Birthday Stephen! What a handsome boy you are! Glad to see you had fun celebrating! :)

Chelsey and Adam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE-O! He is such a handsome, fun, sweet, loving boy. I hope you had an amazing day yesterday! Love you!

Candice and Quinn said...

Happpy birrrthdaaay!!! I meant to call yesterday! Hope it was a fantastic day! I love you Stephen!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Steve-O! Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday! We love you and think you are such a good boy!

Jill said...

Happy birthday-big guy! He is a handsome guy. Looks like a great day! I forgot all about birthday spankings!