Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Do you like veggie burgers?

You will if you try THIS recipe and leave out the green pepper.
And make sure you double it.
And add 3/4 cup of Panko bread crumbs
And add two eggs instead of one.
And put the burger on a homemade bun with ketchup and cheddar cheese.
If Trevor likes it (which he did/does) then you are guaranteed to like it.
I promise.
(unless you're Chelsey...lol! just kidding...although it has no tomatoes!)


Chelsey and Adam said...

I would totally be offended by this if it weren't true :P...but alas it is true, I'm a picky picky eater (married to one of the least picky eaters I've ever met). However, due to my husband's non-picky behavior it has opened up a wider variety of food to my taste buds, leading us to the fact that I do indeed want to try this "veggie" burger. I would for sure leave out those nasty textured tomatoes if they were in it though! On a side note, if this in fact is a weird textured meal, you should tell me before I try it.

Jill said...

Call me crazy but I don't actually see any vegi's in the recipe. What am I missing?

Madsens said...

Yum! I love panko. I use it all the time. I'll have to try these!