Sunday, May 29, 2011

First day of summer

And we had 50 something degree weather and had to wear sweatshirts to the park...
Hey look! They're not fighting! 
(just kidding...they actually get along really well...)
I've come to realize that Annabelle may be a bit of a daredevil 
or just plain crazy. 
This is Joshy walking away from me angry.
I'm not sure why he was mad at me
I just know that he looks dang cute from behind.
And he refused to wear his jacket.
I'm starting a little chant in my head:
"It will be warm soon. It will be warm soon."
I say it over and over so my attitude doesn't get too bad. 


Our house search is on. 
Today we just about put an offer on a house only 
to find out someone else already did and that it was an accepted offer. 
Bummer, huh?
It was a great deal with 7 acres really close to town. 
Oh well. 
Something will come along, right? Right?


Candice and Quinn said...

Yup! Something will come sarah! And it will be perfect for your beautiful family! Be patient! And don't feel bad about your weather, ours is being just as unkind. I sure love your family, have I told you that lately? Miss you all!!!

Jill said...

The right house will come along...all in God's timing. The weather?...all in God's timing too:) Hang in there! I hope the chanting works.

Brent said...

%0 sounds really warm if it is January.