Monday, May 16, 2011


I went and visited a good friend of mine today and as we were sitting there
a bear comes charging in the house!! 
Not really.
It was just a really big dog. 
And it freaked Joshua out.
He eventually warmed up to Jack and 
was actually brave enough to pet him. 
And Jack sat in my lap. 
He was so friendly and sweet; he almost made me want another dog. 
It was so great visiting with Stephanie. 
She's one of those friends that's a friend for life. 
So good and kind and wonderful....
Thanks Stephanie for the great visit!!!!
And then I got to visit with Jenee this evening!
The fates were definitely aligned in my favor today....


Jenée's Blog said...

Do you realize that you are literally the only friend I have here in Idaho Falls??

I was just thinking this morning how I have been able to see you every evening for the last four days! LoL

Sweet E. Pie July said...

Don't ever forget that we'll be friends forever! You are so sweet and wonderful and I love ya :)

And I know it probably won't ever happen, but I think you should move to St. Anthony. :-P

It was so great to see you and Josh. We need to get together when all of both of our families can come :)

Sweet E. Pie July said...

Oh, and I'm sorry that Jack sat in your lap! He thinks he's a lap dog but he weighs more than you do I'm sure. He's so rude!