Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

We took a long drive to our new favorite place in Idaho: Palisades
It was so dang beautiful. We now have lots of plans for hiking, backpacking, 
camping, where our future cabin will be built (ha!)...
 It was a little cold though so we didn't get out very much. And rainy. 
Which surprisingly, I don't mind.
 We found some snails but the kids didn't like touching them very much. 
They aren't use to them. 
When I was growing up in San Diego, we always had snails; big, gross, slimy ones. 
They don't bother me one bit.
 After you've stepped on a million of them, they're no longer a big deal...
 Here's a picture of all of us with our world famous square ice cream cones. 
They weren't exactly what we were expecting but they were delicious...

 Stephen got Play Dough which sounds really, really gross but he loved it.

 It was a no make-up day for me but doesn't Trevor look handsome??
On our way back from checking out hiking and camping spots, 
Trevor spotted this moose. 
We watched it for about 15 minutes, at one point driving away for a potty break and 
coming back and it was still sitting there. 
Apparently they don't care one bit about humans. 
After that we went to Sportsmans to get a few things and 
were able to show the kids the actual size of a moose head. 
This guy in the field was very deceiving as to his actual size~ they are humongous! 

We had a totally RAD day.


sheena said...

this is where we go boating, fishing and camping every summer since i can remember. i grew up just on the other side of the mountain.

we love palisades!

& square ice cream too!

Candice and Quinn said...

sounds like an awesome day! Square icecream? I want some!