Thursday, August 18, 2011

Before-school fashion show!

Annabelle was begging me to do this! We just might have to make it a tradition. We put on some good music and the kids took turns stuttin' their stuff!
And so...without further ado, I present to  you
Emily Delight:

Annabelle Jeanette:

Stephen Scott:

Joshua J:
(who will not be going to school but I couldn't leave him out!)

School starts next Wednesday and these kids are very excited. They get to take the bus since we live 5 miles from town and there's lots of kids on our street who will be on it also. We had a bad experience the last time they rode the bus but I think it will be okay this time around. 
It's been a long, busy summer with not a lot of fun involved. We had a good time at our family reunions but most of this summer was spent house hunting and moving. 
There's always next year, right?

P.S. Trevor's finger is fine. Is it bad that I still ask him to do stuff around the house? He doesn't seem to mind....
Also I have debunked the myth that colds in babies don't correlate with their teeth growing in. (that's what the doctor always told me) My wisdom tooth is coming in and my sinus's are infected and the whole left side of my face aches from it. 
I feel really bad for those little babies who have to deal with it all the time and not be able to tell us.....


Brent said...

Greatest models ever. Glad the Rexburg is working out so well. The house is looking a little more like home with every picture. Tell Josh that if he shook those cans a lot before strapping them to his back; then pulling the lids; he might get lifted off the ground. I am volunteering with Emergency services here. We do the animal shelter. adopted 6 horses in two weeks. Several more waiting. new ones nearly every day.

Candice and Quinn said...

Darn! I missed the back to school modeling! They look beautiful and handsome as ever!!

Chris and Jenna said...

What beautiful models you have! Don't you think Moms' should get new back to school wardrobes too?! I think I'm going to make that a tradition at our house. ;)