Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Frog named Josh

And that's really what the kids named this little guy after they found him. I think it's alluding to the fact that we say Josh looked like a frog when he was born...
He was a tiny little guy and the kids had fun playing with him for an hour or so. They even built him a castle.
I love having a yard again....

Church was.....good today. Through all the meetings, the subject kept coming up on how to be a better person. And how we need to change ourselves and make ourselves open to loving criticism. It was a bit of an awaken-er to me. I often go through the motions of trying to be a better person but it's a little half heart-ed. I know there are times I hurt peoples feelings, I'm not as kind as I should be, I'm too sensitive and I can be annoyingly mopey. Those are things that I need to change and it was just reiterated to me today.
The Relief Society lesson was given on this talk from last Aprils General Conference and I plan on reading it and studying it more thoroughly. Heaven knows there are more ways than I can number of what I can change and be better.

Tomorrow we have a busy day ahead for me and my frog (aka Josh). Our neighbor has an apple tree overflowing with apples and she was kind enough to give us a couple of bag fulls. Plus a lot of zucchini and tomatoes and squash and potatoes....I don't think we could have picked a better place to live. Every neighbor we have is kind and friendly. Our neighbor that gives us things from her garden has 4 kids similar in ages to ours, she looks like me and she likes to thrift shop.'s been awhile since I've met someone with so many things in common (and I just named a few)!
So me and froggy will be making applesauce, mowing the lawn and painting the rest of the house.
It'll be a good, good day!

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Brent said...

Don't beat yourself up too much; you seem pretty near perfect form some other people's point of view.