Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pink necks

They aren't quite red but they're getting pretty close. 
Near our house, we have awesome hiking. 
Did I say awesome italisized??
That's cause it's awesome
We hiked the Rexburg mountain today or the Buttes. 
Don't let Emily's happy face fool you. 
She was miserable.
She drank all her water halfway to the top and ended up throwing the water and her oatmeal up. 
Not a pretty sight. 
It's uphill the whole way and I think the "whole way" means about 2 miles. 
But once you reach the top, it's so completely and totally worth it.
I know Trevor doesn't love hiking (although he does like it a lot) but he totally knew what he was getting into when he proposed to me on a hike~Angels Landing in Zions. 
That was the best hike ever. 
This evening we had a barbque at some friends house.
And that brings me to the point of the title of this post. 
We find ourselves saying "ain't" and "worth a lick" 
and "ain't worth a lick" 
a whole lot more than we used to. 
Maybe once we start completely sacrificing our "isn't"s and "wasn't"s to ain'ts 
we'll be full rednecks. 
Until then, it's just a lovely shade of pink.


Candice and Quinn said...

I love my red necked family in rexburg ideeho!! Wear the name proudly my sister!!

Chris and Jenna said...

'Ain't worth a lick'?! We hear that all.the.time in our neck of the woods too! Glad to hear you are fitting right in at your new home!