Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What a day.

And a good day it's been.
Although there have been a few hiccups.
Like when Trevor drilled through his finger and had to be taken to the emergency room.
It was nice to be his nurse for a bit though; cleaning the blood, wrapping his finger up....
You know, that kind of thing.
We got locked out of the shed and now don't have a key to unlock it.
We had a few minor arguments about who hit who, who was being annoying, "he kicked me" and some "she sat on me"s.
But other than that a really good day.
The lawn is completely mowed, edges trimmed, and our big deal of the day (and the reason behind the drilled finger):
The stove is gone! (not really gone, just stored in the shed until Scott wants it)
It's silly how happy that makes me. But it wasn't really a heat source and would have only added an extra payment each month and I didn't really want it for the "looks"  of it.
And so now we have added a little bit more extra room in here and and have one thing checked off our to do list.
All of the updates we're doing now don't cost us anything. We've decided to live in the  house for 6 months before we start putting money into it just so we can figure out how we want things.
We need a fence before next year so hopefully.....
Have I mentioned how much I love Rexburg? Favorite place I have lived~ever! Best town, friendly people, safe, lots of outdoor stuff to do and it just feels like home.
It's definitely safe to say that we're here to stay....
BTW Trevors finger is fine. He might lose his fingernail and it's going to hurt for awhile but I will be sure to take very good care of him (if he'll let me...he doesn't like to feel babied)


Candice and Quinn said...

I amgoing to say it again, how happy I am for you guys sarah! Your home already has the famous sarah love in it and I can feel it all the way from boise!! Sure love you my sister.

Jenée's Blog said...

YOUCH!!!!!! That's a bummer to hear about Trevor's finger... :o(

I know I'm selfish... and I'll tell you why: When I saw this post, the picture came first, and I thought 'YEA!!! -I can't wait to get their stove!!!' Thank you sooooo much! We are SO excited. Maybe Scott can take that off your hands when he picks the boys up tomorrow evening. :o)

Jill said...

It's such a great feeling to LOVE where you live! My friend from Rexburg LOVED growing up there. OUCH for Trevor...I thought we would have seen pictures of his wound. Congrats on your house.