Sunday, December 11, 2011

Foiled plans

We never painted this weekend. 

If Trevor's home, we tend to not want to work but wrestle and lay around and be lazy.

It's funner that way anyway. 

So the boys played some video games and shot the bb gun in the backyard and

 the girls watched music videos and hung up some more snowflakes. 

(we may be going a little crazy with the flakes)

Today I taught the Young Women a lesson on wise financial principals. 

Surprisingly it's been my favorite lesson to teach so far. 

It was good to be reminded of my testimony that I have of being wise in our finances. 

We may not be able to take the trips we want or buy all things we would like

but it's nice to not be in the red each month. 

There's a lot of peace in that. 

After church we came home to get dinner ready cause we had some important guests~

Scott and Jenee came over for homemade cafe rio salads!

I love Sundays when we get to visit and eat dinner together. 

We always have such good evenings when we're around them. 

There's always lots to talk about and discuss. 

I wish we had these evenings together more often!

 Have you seen the show "Once Upon A Time"?

It's so good and as soon as Trevor's out of the shower, we're going to watch episode 3. 

A good start to the week ahead....

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Jenée's Blog said...

We agree, last night -our dinner nights, in general- are *great*!! We are looking forward to our Christmas plans together. BTW, I loved the snowflakes at your house. -I think we'll be making some this week...