Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our tree trimming party!

When I first mentioned that we would be doing our tree trimming party

Emily said "But when are we going to decorate the tree?"

It's humble and beautiful, my favorite kind of tree...

I love that as we put the decorations on the tree, my kids ask about them. 

We talk about them and remember them and the reasons why we received them.

My favorite ornament are my ballet slippers given to me when I was five by my brother Stephen. 

They always get the very best spot on the tree and are always the first ones I put on. 

I'm not sure if they're my favorite because I always wanted to be a ballerina (still do!) 

or if it's because they remind me of Stephen and how much he is missed and loved. 

I'm positive it's the latter. 

I wish so much that my children could have known him and all his wonderful talents and quirks!

He would have been a fantastic uncle but I also know that my kids will 

know him and love him one day....

This year we are starting a new tradition per Trevor's request. 

He reads to us each night the book  The Forgotten Carols and 

we listen to each song as the book comes to them. 

It's such a good story....It reminds me of being a little girl. 

We listened to this c.d all year long.

One of my favorite songs is "Let Him In"

It talks about the innkeeper that turned Mary and Joseph away and his regrets from that. 

The last verse is this:

"He never would condemn me. 
I did that all on my own.
He offers His forgiveness,
and ever since then I've known
He lets us choose each hour of each day, 
If we'll let Him in to stay
Let Him in...Let Him in...
let the hope and joy begin. 
Let Him in...let Him in...let the peace and joy on earth begin. 
Whether it be in your world today 
or a crowded Bethlehem inn,
Find a way...make Him room...let Him in."


Candice and Quinn said...

Wow sarah, great post. Thanks for the reminders. I treasure every memory with Stephen in it. And someday our kids will know him and how good of a person he was!
Beautiful tree!!

Brent said...

Great post Sarah. Amazing traditions that you are starting for your children's memories.

Joyleen said...

Chelsey and i went to the forgotten carols the other night!