Friday, December 9, 2011


has been a really great day.

Here's just a few of the reasons why:

*Josh and I ate our lunch together while watching Wipeout.

*This afternoon we went to pick out our families Christmas gift.
    I am so excited for it.
    I mean...WE are so excited for it.

*We went to our wards Christmas party tonight.
    I absolutely love this ward.
   There are so many really wonderful people and it's nice to know it's our "forever" ward.

*Thanks to Quinn I have found a couple of new favorite songs.
    Maybe you know these songs but for a country girl they're new to me.
    Christina Perri  A Thousand Years (from Breaking Dawn). She's beautiful like my sister in law Mckenna...
    and Lenka The Show (it's a really fun video).

*Tonight Trevor and I are going to watch Atlas Shrugged and share a blanket and drink our sodas. .

And tomorrow we just might be painting.
And maybe we'll even order some Italian Cheese Bread from Little Caesars.
And I'm sure the kids will ask about how we met there and fell in love and all about our love story.

That's my absolute favorite story.


Candice and Quinn said...

Sounds like a fantastic day sarah!

Chris and Jenna said...

I LOVE Christina Perry and Lenka...Arms by Christina Perry is probably my favorite song ever.

Jenée's Blog said...

I'm with Jenna on the music. -Especially with Arms, by Christina Perry, and my kids and I *love* the song Everything At Once, by Lenka.

Brent said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.