Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sick, cold and ketchup.

Odd combination of words, right? Read on....

We've been sick here in this house and it's been the pits...

What's up with that?!? I hate being sick, the kids hate being sick, Trevor hates being sick. Come to think of

it, I don't know anyone who likes being sick. Am I wrong?


But we are on the mend...thank heavens.

Emily gave us a FHE lesson last night on staying fit. She did a great job.

Notice her wet shirt...that girl doesn't dry her hair after her shower and she gets soaked. I don't know how

she can stand it. As of right now, I have on a pair of wool socks, a dress, a shirt, a sweater, a blanket, and

some finger-less gloves. No wet hair and I'm still cold. Of course that could be because we keep our house

at a balmy 67degrees (that's the word Trevor uses sarcastically...even he gets chilled!)

On the lunch menu today?

Scrambled eggs with a lot of ketchup.

I allowed Josh to do most of it. He squeezed so much ketchup on his eggs I thought he would never eat

them. But he did and he liked it!

As long as he's eating, I'm happy. Last night we had to bribe him with cake to get him to eat his potatoes. So

he ate them, got his cake and ate everything but the frosting~the best part....

Maybe we should have put ketchup on it....?


Jenée's Blog said...

You keep your thermostat at 67 degrees!!??!!??

I'm glad to hear that everyone is "on the mend", and Joshy makes me laugh... love that kid! He sometimes reminds me of my youngest brother, Jake, who was also a picky eater -yet- would put *butter* on almost everything.

Chris and Jenna said...

We keep our thermostat at 67 degrees too...although 67 does not feel balmy at ALL to me! We wear a lot of layers at our house...at least Chris and I do. I swear our kids do not have any sort of temperature gauge in their bodies. Matty runs around wearing shorts all the time!

Brent said...

Josh looks like a real chef in that picture.

Brent said...

Funny isn't it. When it is 110 outside, 67 inside feels very comfortable and 78 inside, not so much. But winter is just reverse.