Friday, December 16, 2011

Who knew?

I've used up all the allotted space in my Picasa web album which means I can no longer post photos unless I

upgrade my GB by paying some money.

So until I do that (which will probably be tonight) there will be no pictures of our new adorable little puppy

that we named Carl.

Just imagine a small, blond little bundle of fur with white paws and a white streak on his nose and you have

your image of Carl.

He has been so much fun. I've been against having a dog for awhile (after we had Maddie) but the kids

really wanted one for Christmas and we gave in after much thought.

I figure that everyone around me is having babies, Josh will be starting school next year and I just may be

lonely. Sure he's a lot of work but not nearly as much work as a baby.

Although he did keep us up all night last night from his whining and crying and howling.

He reminds me a bit of Annabelle.....

(a previously uploaded picture)


Jill said...

YEAH for the puppy! What kind? Indoor or outdoor? I never thought I would say this but...we LOVE our dog! She has become such a part of the family. Good luck...the first little while is rough but so worth it!!

Brent said...

Hope that you enjoy that pup.