Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trevor's back and has a goiter.

Seriously, he does.  

It was a very long 5 days that he was gone. 


The following story might be kind of gross to you. 

On Sunday, the night Trevor left, at around midnight we received a little visitor. 

And he came knocking through the bathroom heating vent. 

It was an annoying little mouse~ I don't like mice.  

He kept me up all night with his banging against that stupid vent, trying his hardest to get out. 

Luckily, he didn't succeed and so on Monday

 I decided to shut the vent, hoping it would get him to go away.

(Side note: since we live with fields surrounding us, mice apparently are not unusual. 

And I have not idea how he got into the vent; it's something we need to investigate.)

I heard him banging on the vent throughout the next day or two but not nearly as much as I did Sunday night. 

Fast forward to today. 

My bathroom stunk like nothing else. 

And I knew exactly what was stinking it up and it wasn't the usual bathroom fair. 

Our little visitor died, I'm sure of either hunger or heat stroke, right there in the vent. 

Unfortunately for Trevor, after picking him up from the airport, he had to clean it up.

I guess it's happened before, a long, long time ago, before we moved in 

because there was a mummified mouse right next to it. 

Two dead mice. 

That just grosses me I'm sure it does you too. 

That's all with the grossness. 

It snowed today which made my two middle kids very happy. 

And my dog.

Now back to the goiter.

After we ate dinner, Trevor started swelling up on the side of his neck 

where I imagine his lymph nodes are(?). 

It's the strangest thing.

I took a picture but I am certain that he would not be very happy with me if I shared that here. 

And it's his first night back...I want him to be very happy with me. 

So let's do a recap:

Trevor has a goiter.
Funeral for 2 mice. 
It snowed. 
And we're happy. 

Strange, indeed.


Chris and Jenna said...

Ewww, ewww, ewww! If there was a mouse in my house and Chris was gone for 5 days, I probably would have stayed somewhere else until he got home. You're so brave! ;) Tell Trevor good luck with the goiter...maybe it was something he ate?! That's so weird!

Candice and Quinn said...

Hahahahahaha;) to all of this..but not as much to Trevors goiter.. Poor Trevor....and actually the mice thing is kinda sad....and gross.

Joyleen said...

You guys need to let this mom know more about your comings and goings. Where did trevor go and what do you do with a goiter?