Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anna went to the Philippines!

Not really but she learned a whole lot about it....

She did such a good job on her report. As always, I'm very proud of her and the effort she put into this. It

was done during a hectic couple of weeks but she did so well.
(we really need to stop taking pictures in front of the t.v.)

She gave a great lesson on the Savior and him blessing the children when he came to the Americas. 

And after her lesson, she shared her very sweet testimony. 

Speaking of sweet, she made flan! 
And it actually turned out. I always figured it was a hard dessert to make and although it turned out short, it Flan. (not a favorite around here)

Dinner however was delicious! 

We had Lumpia (it's like an egg roll) and fried rice.

Definitely a Haslem-type meal.

Next up? Stephen on Monday. He will be sharing with us what he's learned about the Navajos-or 

Nava-joes as he reads it. Still. 

I can't wait!

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Brent said...

Great experiences.