Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Usually the word epic is used to describe things like movies (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars...) or books (The

Bible, Lonesome Dove) but rarely to describe a night in the Haslem household.

Well...believe it or not, it was epic.

A night for the books (or the blog as the case may be).

Just look at this picture and you can imagine all the fun that was had.

I promised the kids an extra scoop of ice cream to the child that could sit against the wall the longest.

And the winner was?!? Stephen!!!

Then it was me and Trevor's turn. I won him~ big time. Emily joined us and we were both going strong till  it

got to be 4 mins 57 secs and I gave up. That girl's got some strong quads...

Afterwards, we turned on some music and what better song could've been playing than "You've Lost That

Lovin' Feelin"?

There aren't many songs better than that for an epic evening.

What else were we to do but dance?!?

And that's what we did.

To finish off our fantastic evening the kids ate their well deserved ice cream, we studied the scriptures and

went to bed.  But that's just the way the kids finished off their evening. Trevor and I have our own plans...

(and they may or may not include ice cream)

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Candice and Quinn said...

You should most definitely include ice cream. No matter what!