Saturday, March 17, 2012

He's an old man. I'm okay with that.

Trevor turned 32 years old yesterday. (I am so glad I'm still a young 31 year old) When we woke up this morning I asked him how he slept now that he's so old and he replied "Terribly. I could feel my prostate enlarging all night long." (Is that totally inappropriate? I'm not sure exactly what a prostate is or even what it does...I thought it was really funny though.)

As of right now, him and the boys are out in the shed putting together a place for our chicks to stay. I can't stand the smell in the laundry room any longer. And I think it's starting to seep throughout the whole house. My homemade febreeze isn't even working to mask the smell any more. So since they're taking care of that I have a few minutes to dedicate a blog post to my hardworking cowboy.

We had a great day yesterday celebrating Trevor. Josh and I went to Idaho Falls to buy him some presents and to take him a soda and a pink cookie. He came home and we wished him many Happy Birthdays, opened presents, ate Fish and Chips (nachos tonight) and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Crazy cake (my own invention~which was a hit~ we both had a piece this morning after our green scrambled eggs, green biscuits, and bacon breakfast. By the way...Happy st. patricks day- the silliest holiday ever. No offense to the Irish)

I thought this was a great picture because everyone is smiling.

And happy looking.

And I like this picture because Trevor's in it.

And because I think we're great together.

We finished the night by just being together. We tried watching a movie around 10:30 but kept falling asleep. So we called it a night and went to bed.

It was lovely.

I think it's a pretty good sign when you get older and you can't imagine any one you would rather spend time with than the person you married. That's how I feel about Trevor.

He's a lot like peanut butter.

He makes everything better.


Madsens said...

Happy birthday Trevor! Take good care of that prostate, old man!

Chris and Jenna said...

Um could you please post the recipe for peanut butter cup crazy cake?! Yum! Glad to hear you guys had a fun day celebrating Trevor!