Friday, March 16, 2012

Motorcycles and teeth.

This is Joshy having a ton of fun on the motorcycle at the mall.

This is me thinking about what the dentist told me on Wednesday. Thoughts that are not far from my mind at

all times.

(not the most flattering fact I look almost manly...)

I need 4 wisdom teeth pulled, 3 cavities filled, possibly braces, my baby tooth removed and a new one 

implanted. And I'll have to go without that baby tooth for a couple of months. 



Jenée's Blog said...

Reading your last sentence, reminds me of my sister... she had some **major** dental work done; similar stuff to your situation. It took about two -maybe it was three- years to get through, but she's enjoying the rest of her long life better.

Sweet E. Pie July said...

Bummer about the dental work! No fun!! I will bring you soup and diet dr pepper and you can pretend that it makes you feel better. :)