Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A one sided conversation with myself.

There are currently 24 chicks making a home in the girls room, praying that the big, mean dog doesn't make

dinner out of them.

Our fridge in Meridian broke. About 300 dollars worth of broke.

My thighs are killing me from an awesome work-out last night.

I made a pillow today.

I'm going to make another one tomorrow after I get home from the dentist.

I hope the dentist doesn't find any cavities and doesn't pester me about getting my wisdom teeth pulled.

I have book club tomorrow night and am only two thirds of the way through my book.

I think I will wake up at 6:15 tomorrow morning so that I can be better at time management.

I suck at time management. Today I was doing great; woke up at 6:45, and still the kids missed the bus.

Why am I always so cold? Thank heavens it's turning into spring around here. Although the radio man said

that it'll probably be nice all through March and will snow all through April.

I no longer listen to that radio station any longer.

Soon, when I look out this window, there's going to be green grass and a garden with lots of tomatoes.

I'm so excited!

Good night.

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Sweet E. Pie July said...

NO!! I don't want snow in April! No no no!