Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ralph the dog.

Morning at my house is so bright and lovely~that is, as long as it's not snowing or preparing to snow.

I made Annabelle open the curtains first thing this morning.

When my mornings start out like this, warm and bright, it just makes me happy.

Today Joshua decided to be a dog.

A dog named Ralph.

And Ralph loves raspberry sherbet.

Ralph got really tired and is now resting while watching Shrek 2.

Not my favorite movie but whatever...

I think I misspoke yesterday when I wrote that I/we had big decisions to make. There's nothing out of the

ordinary except for, you know, the usual.

And the fact that we found out yesterday that both girls need braces; Emily now or at least soon and

Annabelle in a year or so.

And Stephen has possibly two developing cavities.

At this moment in time, I am very, extremely, incredibly grateful for dental insurance.

That may not be the case in a few months but I'm not thinking about that...and I'm trying to not think of

that by eating a spoonful of frosting...

(hey, I burned a lot of calories today on the treadmill, okay??)


Brent said...

How did Ralph and Carl get along?

Jenée's Blog said...

"Life" requires ice cream and frosting every now and then, for sure... ;o)
Josh is so dang cute!!

Anonymous said...

We have two with braces right now, and a third will need them in a year or so. I feel your pain! When you are at the hospital getting ready to take your brand new bundle of joy home, they should mention that braces are about $4000 per kid. And most likely, your kid will need them! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Oops~ I'm not signed in as myself! My kids need to stay off of my computer! :) This is Marcia

Chris and Jenna said...

That's the cutest dog I've ever seen! Definitely one I'd allow in my house anytime!

Madsens said...

Damien needs braces too, and amaya has teeth growing behind her baby ones. Hopefully one of our kids will get lucky and get my straight teeth. 2 more to go!