Wednesday, March 7, 2012

sugar and my naughty child.

How funny is it that I don't know what child of mine this is?

And it's a really blurry photo, so I have a good excuse for not knowing who it is....

I do know that she is being naughty and allowing Carl on the couch.

It's also naughty that I just ate some Charleston Chews and am now finishing off the box of Mike and Ikes

and in just a few minutes, Trevor should be bringing me home an ice cream.

Sugar overload, anyone??

I'm of the opinion that sugar makes hard decisions just a little bit easier...


Candice and Quinn said...

Haha who the heck is that? I can't figure it out?
I agree with you. Sugar makes everything better.

Jenée's Blog said...

Well now you've got me wondering what "hard decisions" you are trying to make...??