Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It's a small one really. Up there with my addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper, which if you ask, I will swear up and down it's not an addiction, I just really love it.
I'm addicted to Apartment Therapy
I have been for years.
I read it everyday or nearly everyday.
My favorite posts are the daily House Tours.
Let me tell you why: I am one of those people that when I am a passenger in a vehicle (and sometimes when I'm the driver) I stare out the window at all the houses that I drive by and silently curse those that have their drapes or blinds closed.
I want to see inside your house! (in a non-weird way)
Sometimes there are thought provoking posts. The other day Maxwell did an article on fences and used Robert Frosts poem with the line "Good fences make great neighbors". I don't exactly agree because I'm fence-less and I love my neighbors~although I think they hate our dog. But metaphorically speaking, I have fences that I build up and rarely let people in. And that is what the article was essentially about. Our walls we build to protect ourselves.
Like I said, it was thought provoking.
Point of this whole blog post: you should definitely make this a regular read on your daily trip through the internet.


Chris and Jenna said...

I've never heard of this website before...guess I need to check it out since I'm obsessed with peeking into people's houses too!

Joyleen said...

You two (Jenna and Sarah) are weirdos. I think you could be classified as peeking toms!!