Tuesday, April 24, 2012


After dinner we went out as a family to get some ice cream and came home to this:

We left the dinner dishes on the counter and Carl got curious~ and tempted by the bacon fat sitting up there. 

After cleaning up the broken glass and  "doctoring" a chicken, the power went out. 

So we lit some candles and had our "life skills" FHE lesson by candle light. 

It was a bust though because it's really hard to fold clothes in the semi darkness. 

So we put the clothes in piles and carried them to our rooms. 

After the kids went to bed, and not scared at all might I add, Trevor and I spent a 

few quiet moments on the couch and eventually went to bed to read by candlelight. 

It was all kind of romantic. 

Except that we fell asleep within minutes and woke up to the power coming back on at 11:30. 

And now we know exactly what we need to restock in our 72 hour kit!

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Jess's Journey to the Land Of Skinny said...

HI!! You are quite the country girl will all those chickens and hens. :) Sorry about your dishes. Question for you. I am contemplating painting my house. It's an open concept type and I am so over the beige/tan wall color. I saw on a girls blog that she used Aloof Gray by Sherwin Williams and thought of you guys since I am assuming Trevor still works for them. Is that a good color to paint all over with? do you have any suggestions? sorry this is a random comment. I don't have your # anymore so I guess this is the best way to communicate!