Thursday, April 12, 2012

I was busy.

Trevor had to work late tonight because of their big annual sale (early off tomorrow though, yay!) so I

wanted to surprise him by finishing something we started about a week ago:
Believe it or not that is our bedroom sans fake wood walls, nails, dust, trim and all manner of who-knows-

what. I carried all of that ugly wood paneling out to the side of the shed where it will be used for the inside 

walls of the chicken coop (reduce, reuse, recycle, everyone!). 

And our room actually feels bigger (although I wouldn't complain of the size because I love it and picked this 

room especially for us). 

So this is my inspiration for the finished product:

And I want my bed to look like it's the most comfortable bed ever made...because it will be. I live for a bed 

like what you see in magazines and at really fancy hotels...and it's not too bad as it is right now, I just need a

 lot more pillows, a wrought iron bed, different carpet, a rug, lamps...etc.

This took me 4 hours to do today so I'm pretty tired and ready to go to bed in our now non-creepy room. 

Good night.  

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