Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The last night.

It's the last night Emily will ever be ten years old. Ever. Our baby is going to be eleven tomorrow and time just keeps on ticking.
She always makes me laugh or feel kind of surprised at how she acts. She's much more spunky than she's ever been given credit for. And it's a good kind of spunky (although she does have the stinker in her also...). With everyone having babies around me (family, friends, ward members) it makes me remember having my very first one.
And then I think "what were we thinking??".
And then the thought comes how grateful I am that we weren't thinking.
I mean, look at her, she's nothing short of amazing:

Tonight she showed off her sense of humor as we goofed around as a family and had a totally inappropriate conversation that you would only expect to hear in a 2nd grade classroom full of boys.
And I can tell you, we were all laughing. Even prim and proper moi`. And we kept laughing until it came time to say our family prayer and then some of us were biting our shirts if we had to in order to stay reverent (I'm talking about Stephen here).

So tomorrow is going to be (almost) all about Emily.
And I will come back with a full report in the p.m.


Lisa said...

You are right- if we stopped to think too much, none of us would have any kids! Thank goodness for our lapse in sensibility. Happy Birthday Emily!

Chris and Jenna said...

Happy birthday to Miss Emily! Can't believe she is turning 11! Hope you all had a great day!